Are “Friends With Benefits” As Common As They Seem In The Movies?

Movies depict what’s happening in society may it be about wealth, relationships, or life. Every movie gives out a lesson, some may be nonsense but some may be useful. Now, how do writers get inspiration for making it out as a movie? Is it based on personal experience? Purely research? Surveys? Can’t tell at all.

Movies that Hits Reality

Some movies give you a realization about the realities of the world. One of them is the hit friends with benefits. Yes, not just in the movies but it’s happening in real life. It’s a common trend among college students. Then why do they go with the risk of having sex but being just friends?

The act of friends with benefits was explained by the Archives of Sexual Behaviors when they surveyed this issue. One reason is having no commitments. Being free of responsibilities but enjoying the pleasure of having sex is worth the risk. They don’t have to be obligated to reciprocate any feelings but they get to be happy sexually, thus it calls for recreational sex. One reason as well is that there are no rules to follow, just plainly to have sex with no strings attached.

Why is it Common?

It boils down to “this is way better than a relationship full of boredom”. Those people engaging in this type of relationship are simply defensive and afraid of being tied up in a relationship that might be dragging them. There are reasons why other people think it’s better than those being in a relationship.

  • This type of relationship never gets boring
  • You are not tied up to fall in love (if it’s a hassle and sort of traumatic?)
  • Nobody cares, you don’t get judged
  • There will be no dragging drama
  • Moving on is easy than breaking up in a relationship
  • There will be no more room for expectations
  • Do not demand any commitment
  • Regret is out of the picture
  • Provides freedom while having fun

Sex differs in meaning to each person. Doing it with friends also differs in how you think and visualize it. At the end of the day, having this kind of relationship is beneficial if you hate commitments and serious relationships. There might be some underlying reasons for it, might be traumatizing with past relationships or grown up with a surrounding full of pain and distrust.

Having sex is healthy but think of the consequences of doing it just with anybody. With friends, you can still feel the security since you know them at the very least. Just not expect too much. This no-strings-attached type of relationship doesn’t invite you to fall in love. That’s the rule.