About Me

Hello, my name is Dean and welcome to my site. Ever since realistic sex dolls first appeared during the early 2000s, I was baffled. I said to myself “I had to get one” despite the very steep price – and it wasn’t long until I had my first experience with one. I have to say it was very unforgettable, it was just like the real thing. Then and there I decided that I should start reviewing of these expensive dolls and break the stigma of owning one.

Nowadays I get dolls sent to my address almost regularly, I’ve been doing doll reviews ever since, and I have learned that buying or owning one isn’t a problem anymore, at least for many people. I’ve had manufacturers sending me their latest work and asked for my feedback – so I’ve become an influencer for sex doll owners.

Of course I always give my honest opinion and feedback so that manufacturers can make the best overall product.

Rest assured, you will only get unbiased articles here – we also write about things that can improve your sex life and your overall relationship with your significant other as well. So make sure you’re regularly updated and follow me also on my social media pages.