A Brief History of Sex Dolls: They’re Really Nothing New

Are you familiar with sex dolls? If this is the first time you have heard about them, you might want to learn more – since they can be invaluable to guys who have a constant desire for sex, those who have trouble finding partners, or those who simply want a hookup without the complications that arise when you have a girlfriend or partner. A sex doll can also be a convenient toy for a man when he can’t be his wife, when the urge hits.

Here are some weird facts regarding the history of sex dolls:

  • According to history, sex dolls were used to entertain soldiers centuries ago, so they won’t be tempted to be “friendly” with women who might put them in danger behind enemy lines.
  • Similarly, some sailors were said to have sex doll in their cabins – and they even dressed them in the fashionable clothes of the day, to provide excitement and sexual release during long months at sea.
  • Old-school sex dolls have been around for decades, first marketed in porn magazines when their legality was still questionable in the US.

There’s no question why sex dolls have always been a source of pleasure for lonely men, and not just those who are far away from their partners. But the love dolls used by soldiers, sailors and other men throughout history are nothing like modern sex dolls. They’re made from safer and more-realistic materials, they’re now capable of movement, and there’s a wide variety of dolls that closely resemble every imaginable type of woman (and man, for that matter). If you want to see the incredible models you can now choose from, dollwives.com sells the highest-quality sex dolls available.

Many of the more expensive models are also equipped with features that enhance the excitement of being with an “almost-real” woman. Some resemble porn stars or actresses, and others have heated genital areas that seem just as real as those on a woman you’d take to bed. Some users even say these new-age sex dolls are even better in bed than their wives.

Of course, there are also many substandard sex dolls on the market. Some, for example, are made from cheap materials that don’t make the dolls look or feel real. Not many are made from the old-style rubber or vinyl that made it feel like you were screwing a beach ball. Today, the best dolls are made from high-end TPE or silicone, and as long as they’re cared for properly, they’ll stand up to any sort of sex play you might have in mind. You can also choose from sex dolls that fit your deepest fantasy. College girls, Asian or black girls, busty or slim girls, those with big asses or resemble a gymnast – they’re all available in the form of a realistic sex doll. And sites like dollwives.com have them all. They won’t be cheap. But they may be the sex partner you’ve been dreaming of.