Sex Dolls And BDSM – A Match Made In Heaven

Sex is one big world of its own – there is a wide range of ways and techniques to learn and experience in order to achieve the best sexual satisfaction. In addition to that, there are also countless things and tricks that you can make use in order to apply more thrill and magic to any ordinary sexual experience.

When it comes to the things used in sex, one of the most popular is none other than the sex doll. They come in many forms and looks, and is highly customizable by the user through sites like  And since thrill has been brought up, there is nothing more exciting than BDSM. With all the chains, whips, leather, and ball gags, sex will never be so boring again.

But then, you might come up with an idea and start asking yourself – can you use dolls and BDSM be used together in a sexual act? If you want to try it out, read on to find out more.

Make Sex More Exciting With Dolls And Whips

Sex dolls have been in the adult market for a long time, and is considered to be one of the most popular sex toys among adult males. Since they can be purchased according to the physical qualities you want in a female partner, using them can be the closest thing you can get to have sex with the woman of your dreams. Some of the most well-known models of sex dolls can actually be purchased on

BDSM stands for “Bondage and Discipline”, “Dominance and Submission”, “Sadism and Masochism”. This is a sexual practice in which you or your partner will be restrained through any ways possible – whether it be through chains, leather straps, or cuffs – for the purpose of intensifying sexual pleasures. Sometimes, it involves some physical hitting like spanking or using whips.

If you are the type of guy who wants to get it on with the girl of  your dream at any time, then it is best to get yourself a  sex doll. But then, if you are also willing to go beyond the boring, usual sex practices in order to achieve the highest levels of sexual satisfaction, then BDSM is a must-try.

Nothing is way better than combining the two best sexual inventions nowadays. Once you are able to make it, you’ll surely achieve the best sexual pleasure in your entire life.

Kissing A Sex Doll – What It Feels Like, Can You Really Do It?

When it comes to sex, it seems like anyone can do everything just to get satisfied. This is how important sex life is to people because if your partner failed to make you happy during your intimate moments, then the possibility for you to cheat will be greater. On the other hand, if you don’t want to hurt other people’s feeling or get committed with someone but you often crave for sex, then the best thing you should do is to invest on having your own sex doll.

What Does it Feel to Kiss and Have Sex with a Doll

Sex dolls are all over the market these days. In fact, you can choose from different types of dolls that could offer you an exciting and amazing experience. The more expensive the doll is, the more you can expect from it. At first, you will surely wonder how it feels kissing a sex doll? This is just a common question that will come to your mind if it is your first time to try sex dolls. The good thing is that you don’t have to feel embarrassed of kissing a doll because they can give you a real-feel. 

The face of a sex doll is soft like a flesh and you can even put your tongue inside their mouth and feel her tongue too. The way they create sex dolls is very realistic because they want to provide men the best experience like they were making love with a real human. They could come up with the kind of doll you want, with firmer ass or big tits.

First-time users might say that kissing a sex doll is a bit weird. This is just normal because for sure in less time you will feel comfortable kissing your doll and having sex with her. You can do any positions you want anytime and for as long as you want to. You don’t have to deal with complains and you don’t even have to worry about your girl getting pregnant. You just have to make sure that you will clean your doll every after use for it to be ready on your next session.

If you want to improve the experience like feeling the warmth of the doll, then you can simply place a heating rod on her body to make her warm knowing that TPE material can hold heat. With this, you can enjoy a warm and romantic kiss with your doll just like what you get from your girlfriends. Buying a sex doll is never a waste of money because you can get the kind of pleasure you want. If you are not comfortable on courting a girl with a fear that you might get rejected, then a sex doll will be there for you. This is also a great option for those who are not yet ready for commitments but just want to have fun.

A Brief History of Sex Dolls: They’re Really Nothing New

Are you familiar with sex dolls? If this is the first time you have heard about them, you might want to learn more – since they can be invaluable to guys who have a constant desire for sex, those who have trouble finding partners, or those who simply want a hookup without the complications that arise when you have a girlfriend or partner. A sex doll can also be a convenient toy for a man when he can’t be his wife, when the urge hits.

Here are some weird facts regarding the history of sex dolls:

  • According to history, sex dolls were used to entertain soldiers centuries ago, so they won’t be tempted to be “friendly” with women who might put them in danger behind enemy lines.
  • Similarly, some sailors were said to have sex doll in their cabins – and they even dressed them in the fashionable clothes of the day, to provide excitement and sexual release during long months at sea.
  • Old-school sex dolls have been around for decades, first marketed in porn magazines when their legality was still questionable in the US.

There’s no question why sex dolls have always been a source of pleasure for lonely men, and not just those who are far away from their partners. But the love dolls used by soldiers, sailors and other men throughout history are nothing like modern sex dolls. They’re made from safer and more-realistic materials, they’re now capable of movement, and there’s a wide variety of dolls that closely resemble every imaginable type of woman (and man, for that matter). If you want to see the incredible models you can now choose from, sells the highest-quality sex dolls available.

Many of the more expensive models are also equipped with features that enhance the excitement of being with an “almost-real” woman. Some resemble porn stars or actresses, and others have heated genital areas that seem just as real as those on a woman you’d take to bed. Some users even say these new-age sex dolls are even better in bed than their wives.

Of course, there are also many substandard sex dolls on the market. Some, for example, are made from cheap materials that don’t make the dolls look or feel real. Not many are made from the old-style rubber or vinyl that made it feel like you were screwing a beach ball. Today, the best dolls are made from high-end TPE or silicone, and as long as they’re cared for properly, they’ll stand up to any sort of sex play you might have in mind. You can also choose from sex dolls that fit your deepest fantasy. College girls, Asian or black girls, busty or slim girls, those with big asses or resemble a gymnast – they’re all available in the form of a realistic sex doll. And sites like have them all. They won’t be cheap. But they may be the sex partner you’ve been dreaming of.

Are “Friends With Benefits” As Common As They Seem In The Movies?

Movies depict what’s happening in society may it be about wealth, relationships, or life. Every movie gives out a lesson, some may be nonsense but some may be useful. Now, how do writers get inspiration for making it out as a movie? Is it based on personal experience? Purely research? Surveys? Can’t tell at all.

Movies that Hits Reality

Some movies give you a realization about the realities of the world. One of them is the hit friends with benefits. Yes, not just in the movies but it’s happening in real life. It’s a common trend among college students. Then why do they go with the risk of having sex but being just friends?

The act of friends with benefits was explained by the Archives of Sexual Behaviors when they surveyed this issue. One reason is having no commitments. Being free of responsibilities but enjoying the pleasure of having sex is worth the risk. They don’t have to be obligated to reciprocate any feelings but they get to be happy sexually, thus it calls for recreational sex. One reason as well is that there are no rules to follow, just plainly to have sex with no strings attached.

Why is it Common?

It boils down to “this is way better than a relationship full of boredom”. Those people engaging in this type of relationship are simply defensive and afraid of being tied up in a relationship that might be dragging them. There are reasons why other people think it’s better than those being in a relationship.

  • This type of relationship never gets boring
  • You are not tied up to fall in love (if it’s a hassle and sort of traumatic?)
  • Nobody cares, you don’t get judged
  • There will be no dragging drama
  • Moving on is easy than breaking up in a relationship
  • There will be no more room for expectations
  • Do not demand any commitment
  • Regret is out of the picture
  • Provides freedom while having fun

Sex differs in meaning to each person. Doing it with friends also differs in how you think and visualize it. At the end of the day, having this kind of relationship is beneficial if you hate commitments and serious relationships. There might be some underlying reasons for it, might be traumatizing with past relationships or grown up with a surrounding full of pain and distrust.

Having sex is healthy but think of the consequences of doing it just with anybody. With friends, you can still feel the security since you know them at the very least. Just not expect too much. This no-strings-attached type of relationship doesn’t invite you to fall in love. That’s the rule.

Are Gymnasts As Good In Bed As You Would Guess?

When it comes to the qualities of a person who is good in bed, there are quite a number of opinions and preferences among adults. After all, every sex is unique in accordance with who your partner is, and when and where you are doing it. But are there certain qualities that you are looking for in desirable sex partner?

There are many qualities that come out from every adults. Some of them want a partner with a beautiful appearance, a well-built physique, strong, cooperative, and has a long endurance. But there is one particular trait that a number of adults find desirable in a sex partner – flexibility. And when you say flexibility, what particular kind of person comes to your mind? That is none other than gymnasts.

Are gymnasts and their well-known flexibility making them very skillful in bed? Does it makes them perfect as a sex partner for you? Then you better read to find out.

Does Flexibility Make Gymnasts Desirable?

There is no denying that gymnastics is one of the most physically demanding sports out there. In order to become a successful gymnast, you need a very high amount of discipline, strength, and body control. Years of training and joining various sports events have honed their well-known flexibility, which never fails to make the audience glued on them while performing difficult stunts and routines.

Because of the difficulty and complexity of the stunts and routines performed by every gymnast that showcases her flexibility, one can’t help but think – are the strong and flexible abilities of gymnast makes her a perfect partner in bed?

Just like gymnastics, sex is also a physically demanding activity that involves the need for a strong, flexible, and disciplined partner. Due to the fact that it needs a great amount of strength, energy, and flexibility, then one can joke that sex can be considered a sport as well.

So does that make gymnasts good in bed? In a certain extent, yes. The strength and flexibility they have earned through years of training and competitions make them less of a lousy partner in bed and more of a highly competent performer.

However, this should not be the only criteria to use. After all, sex is still all about fun and enjoyment, rather than pure physical action. If your partner is skilled in bed, but lacks the desirable attitude, then it would not be enjoyable.

What Is A “Girlfriend Experience?”

The girlfriend experience could be a term that you’re familiar with but never have experienced yourself. But what does this mean? What difference does this type of experience offer from the common companion services? Why is it popular for some men and why do they prefer it? There have been films of the same name and it made more people curious about how it goes in real life


Below, we explain just some of the actual scenarios involving this kind of experience. Visiting brothels can be a big adventure for some men who haven’t tried them out yet. Here, you can find various services that you can try out. Men mostly report that they choose the girlfriend service out of all others.

Understanding what this service offers

We break down the girlfriend experience for you. Right off the bat, and as the name suggests, this is a service that makes you feel like that you’re spending your time with your girlfriend. It offers you the best parts of a relationship without any actual commitment that comes with it. What customers need to remember is that all is done under professional interactions.

The experience lets you engage in enthusiastic companionship. This means that you can go on dates either within the day or on a weekend and do things that you enjoy. It can be traveling to places you’ve always wanted to go, doing activities that you would have loved to do with an actual girlfriend. The ladies that you’re with can also suggest various activities or places to eat that you both can enjoy together.

In addition, the service also focuses on creating genuine connections. This means you can have a temporary partner who values you and is interested in everything that you do. Spending time together and knowing each other on a  deeper level is part of the experience. Rather than having to meet a stranger for an activity, you actually get to connect and understand each other.

Is This the Best Experience to Build Intimacy?

For those who are looking for more intimacy rather than just physical companionship, then this would be the best service to go for. You not only get to be with somebody, but you also get to share something personal about yourself and get to know them better in return.

There are some men who prefer knowing the women they’re with first before engaging in intimate acts. This is what the girlfriend service is for and no wonder it has become popular among many men. It’s one of the best ways to develop your companionship and intimacy skills in the long run.

Can You Buy Custom Sex Dolls Designed Just For You?

Loneliness can be tough to combat with. As a matter of fact, there are so many heads of the family that will rather have a simple life as long as they are together than having lots of money but the work will entail him to be separated from his loved ones for a long time.

Are you one of those who are usually far from their loved ones? If that is the case, you must get pretty lonely at times and this can be tough. At the end of the day, you know that you will just go back to an empty room and an empty bed. This is the reason why some who are in similar situation as you would just choose to buy a sex doll.

You must be planning the same thing hence, you are checking this article. You should know though that you can now buy custom sex dolls. So, what are they and why opt for them? Check this out:

  • A custom sex doll is that doll that can be customized. It is usually made to order since you will have to tell the provider of your preferences. There are semi-customizable and fully customizable sex dolls and every alteration you want to do will of course come with a fee.
  • Custom sex dolls can help you enhance your virility, especially when you are already in your prime. At that age, most men can hardly make their male member function, but this can still change, and this is where the sex dolls can help. Yes, your doll can be your tool in practicing your male member.
  • The custom sex dolls can also help you try some positions in your mind in which you are hesitant to do with your wife for the first time. With the help of the doll, you will be able to see if the experience is worth a try and if your wife might approve of it.
  • The good thing with dolls like these is they are long lasting. So, you just need to spend a certain amount once and you will already enjoy your item for a long time. Of course, this will also depend on the material of the doll.

So, what are you waiting for? Start checking out online providers now and see if you will enjoy a new playmate.